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Monday, 24 September 2012

The Road less Travelled and how we lost a chapter in the history of Biology

Often I am asked what is the research and science behind the alkaline approach and how come most people are not familiar with it? The answers to these questions are both fascinating and  deeply troubling. Here is why:

The Road less Travelled and how we lost a chapter in the history of Biology

The alkaline theory is not new; in fact it has been around since the late 18th hundreds.

At that time 2 of the biggest rivals in science history, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp were working side by side, each holding a very different view of how sickness and disease are born. 
If you are like me and most other people, chances are you've never heard of Bechamp , despite his many scientific achievements and contributions to modern science.

On the contrary, we are all familiar with Pasteur, famous for developing the Germ Theory, which claims that fixed species of microbes from an external source invade the body and are the first cause of infectious disease.

The Germ Theory is also called Monomorphism, which means one (mono) body or form. According to this theory, once a germ is a particular germ it always stays that way, it doesn’t change into anything else.
Disease is caused by external, non changeable microbes that invade the body.

The concept of specific, unchanging types of bacteria causing specific diseases in the body became accepted as the foundation of conventional allopathic medicine, microbiology and pharmacology in the late 19th century in Europe. It was adopted by the American medical industry, and it is practised today in mainstream medicine.

Pasteur’s contemporary Antoine Bechamp and his followers had a very different theory, but unfortunately even though Bechamp was a highly acclaimed scientist with many achievements , he did not have (nor was he interested in) the political power and contacts that Pasteur had.

Bechamp claimed that germs come from the inside of the body; from the "tiny dots" you can see in the blood with any microscope. These tiny dots, called microzymas (‘small beings’ or ‘ferments’) are living micro- organisms that exist within all living things and reflect either health or disease.

The most important factor in determining health or disease is the internal terrain (environment) in the body, not external germs invading the body.

If the internal terrain of the body is healthy and balanced, disease can not arise!

But if the internal environment is compromised, these microzymas become disturbed and change their form; they evolve into microscopic forms (germs) that produce the symptoms of disease.

When the balance in the body is destroyed, when the internal environment becomes toxic, acidic and low in oxygen these microscopic forms lose their life giving qualities and start changing forms into viruses, bacteria and fungal forms, causing more and more damage to surrounding tissue cells.

This is why this theory is called Pleomorphism (many- forms), the ability of bacteria and fungus to change forms during a life cycle, depending on the environment.

Claude Bernard, a French physiologist (1813-1878) believed that ‘the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything'.
This means that bacteria and fungus, whether coming from outside of the body or from within the body (pleomorphic) could cause sickness and disease only if they were permitted to grow in an unhealthy terrain.

Unfortunately, modern conventional medicine, based on the doctrine of Louis Pasteur became big business, controlled by pharmaceutical companies and the theory of Bechamp has been conveniently forgotten. You see, in treating the symptoms of disease there is A LOT of money. If you have a symptom- you can take a drug to treat it and if that drug is causing more symptoms- well, try another one to treat these 'side effects'. What a vicious and never ending cycle, promoted by the complex medical industry.

Louis Pasteur has said on his death bed that he had been wrong about his "Germ Theory" of disease. He said then that, it is not the germ that is the problem; it is the internal environment that allowed the germ to develop in the first place that is the problem.

But of course, by then it was too late....

For over a century, conventional medicine has been confusing symptoms with disease and the focus has been on treating the symptoms, not the root or the cause of the disease.  We are all aware of the dramatic increase in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and the list goes on. It is becoming apparent that there need to be a shift from an approach that is treating symptoms to an approach that is preventing them in the first place.

So how does this all fit and support the alkaline theory?

In order for the internal environment of the body to be healthy, the blood has to be maintained at a very delicate pH balance range. If the pH balance is disturbed, those micro-organisms which live in the body have to change their forms in order to survive. They can change to bacteria, yeast, fungus and mould, which give rise to the onset of sickness and disease.

Conventional medicine agrees that the body has to maintain a pH balance, yet it does not fully recognise or understand the different processes that happen within the body in order to keep the blood slightly alkaline.

The body will do WHATEVER it can to maintain its alkaline design. If the body doesn’t have enough alkaline reserves because we are ingesting acidic foods and drinks, we don’t breath properly, we don’t exercise, we are exposed to environmental pollutants or we’re emotionally stressed, it will start compensating in many unwanted ways.

For example, it may leach minerals from the blood and bones to buffer the acids (osteoporosis), it may store fat to bind the acids and protect vital organs (overweight/obesity) or it may form a tumour to encapsulate morbid cells that have been spoilt by acids (cancer). These are just a few examples of symptoms (not disease!)- all stem from an unbalanced over acidic internal terrain.

The good news is the body is so clever it is perfectly capable of also reversing symptoms when we start changing and supporting the internal terrain!

Rather than treating the symptom, be it a common cold, joint pain, yeast infection, allergies and even cancer and diabetes- we need to treat the cause, our internal environment.

Sadly, this simple common sense approach, backed up by Bechamp and his followers at the time (including G√ľnther Enderlein, Claude Bernard, Virginia Livingston-Wheeler and Gaston Naessens), as well as more recent scientists like Dr. Robert Young (30 years of research) is still being ignored or given bed press in some circles.

This is despite the fact that so many people who embrace it, me included, are not only feeling better and getting rid of symptoms, many are also getting rid of and reversing chronic diseases.

Before I was diagnosed with a tumour and introduced to the alkaline diet & lifestyle, I had no idea that there was a lost chapter in the history of biology or that the complex medical industry is very happy for us to never hear about Bechamp and his discoveries.

Learning the truth about the cause of ALL sickness and disease (over acidification of the internal environment in the body) has changed my life forever and it is my hope that with more education and awareness, this truth will be widely available to more and more people so that we can all take charge of our own health and move from a victim mentality to that of a king!


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Monday, 25 June 2012

Three weeks on the pH Miracle Cleanse- An Update

Today is day 22 on the cleanse and I’m giving myself a big pat on the back!
A month ago, the thought of doing it for one week seemed like a daunting and overwhelming mission.

Now it feels so much more natural and easy. Yes easy.
From the outside looking in, it might seem like hard work but living it, I can tell you, this cleanse is very manageable. Not only for someone like me who has a lot of time to invest in it, but also for people with children, working people etc.

I know, because I see people in our cleanse group making this protocol fit into their busy lives. And they are all reaping the benefits.
In fact, I am not the only one out of the group to continue it for longer.  When you feel so great, why wouldn’t you?!

It does take some juggling of priorities as it requires spending a lot of time shopping, juicing, preparing smoothies and getting organised so commitment is a must.

This is, by far, the most amazing thing I have ever done!

I wake up early in the morning (we’re talking before 5 am) buzzing with energy; my mood is much more stable; I feel more physically flexible and fit ; I deal with my pain much better and my mind is clear.
I feel content, in a way I haven’t experienced before.
I think a lot of it has to do with doing something that I believe in 100 %.

During the last 15 months, I’ve researched extensively and concluded that the pH Miracle approach makes absolute sense, which is why I (we) have transitioned into it.
Now I feel that I’ve crossed that fine delicate line from knowing that something is true to having a real conviction that it is.

I don’t want to paint a picture that is all rosy, though, lets be realistic here.
I do have my highs and lows, good days and not so good ones. Toxins are still coming out of my body and it’s not always pleasant.
It is sometimes a challenge to socialise when everyone else around are eating their meals whilst I am sipping on my green  juice or eating an avocado.

On day 18, for example, I had a hiccup. I was having a bad day and at the end of it, I resorted to an old pattern of emotional eating and I had some food which is not part of the cleanse.

When it happened, I was aware of old thinking and emotional patterns kicking in very quickly- guilt, beating myself up and feeling like I have disappointed myself.

When I found myself getting caught up in this emotional turmoil, I sat with it and observed it. I allowed myself to feel the intensity of these emotions, almost like inviting them and watching them with a magnifying glass.

There were tears and some self pity and once I got that out of the way, I was ready to move on. Move on, not only with the cleanse protocol (with more determination than ever) but also by consciously choosing to change my old automatic patterns, once I was aware of them and their destructive nature.

The next day was one of my best so far on the cleanse and I was quickly back on track, leaving this little incident behind me.

This cleanse, like everything else in life, is a journey and I will no doubt come across some bumpy patches on the road from time to time. I can only do my best to deal with them as they come.

A part of this group cleanse entail Tele-Conferences where we get to learn the theory and practice in more depth and ask questions. So far we’ve had four of these- one with Dr.Robert Young, one with Shelly, his wife, one with our coach Caroline and one with another coach  Dawn who had breast cancer and reversed it using this protocol.

I feel very privileged to tune into these calls and ask whatever questions are on my mind!

By the way, Robert Young’s book ‘The pH Miracle- Revised and Updated’ is going to be published in Hebrew next year, so stay tuned my Israeli family and friends!

And now for my most exciting news- I have registered to participate in the first training offered by the pH Miracle Centre to become a pH Miracle Coach!

This means that I will be able to teach and coach people 100% of Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford  Young’s teachings.

Whilst not working in the past 15 months, I’ve completed my counselling studies and I have a vision of combining my counselling skills and practice with a focus on the alkaline lifestyle and health.
This is my passion and my heart tells me to follow it!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Liquid Feast, Not Fast!

On Monday (June 2012) I’ve started a new chapter in this interesting and incredible healing journey, called a Liquid Feast, an alkaline whole body cleanse, based on the work of Dr. Robert Young

What is a liquid feast you might ask and how is it different to a fast?

What I am doing is different to fasting because as well as drinking lots of alkaline water; I am also drinking juices/pureed food/raw soups/smoothies & a few ‘solid’ raw veggies.

By ‘drinking’ my food instead of eating it, I am literally flooding my body with pre-digested, easy to assimilate nutrients and I am getting twenty times more the nutrients than I would on my normal diet.

The way I look at it, this cleanse is like a massive spring clean (winter more like it!), clearing out the old and unwanted in order to make room for the new.

It is, by no means, just a physical cleanse for me.  It is a ‘whole being’ cleanse, peeling  layers  of old habits, thinking patterns and emotional reactions. Letting renewal and regeneration take place on every level.

The reasons I’ve embarked on this cleanse are:

·  To accelerate the healing process taking place in my body and mind.

·  To take my alkaline lifestyle to the next level,  eliminate toxins/acids whilst getting an abundance of alkaline buffers

·  To give myself a fresh start, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Having done a one week juice fast last year, I know that I have benefited tremendously, even from just one week.

I gained clarity of mind, felt vibrant, energised and my meditation practice has deepened.

One thing that was most noticeable for me back then was a real sense of connectedness to the spirit, the true nature of myself and others.

Drinking only green vegetable juices for a week certainly came with it challenges, mainly my mind was nagging me about how hungry I was and I experienced some detoxing effects like headaches and tiredness. But by day 4 I started to reap the benefits and I felt great.

What I love about this pH Miracle Cleanse I am doing now is that there is absolutely no deprivation involved in it, as opposed to fasting.

I literally ‘eat’ something every 2-3 hours, be it a warm raw soup, fresh almond milk, a smoothie or and avocado with olive oil & lemon.

On some days I find it is actually a bit of a challenge to 'eat' so much, to fit it all in.

The idea is to constantly hydrate the body with alkaline electron rich drinks and at the same time eliminate toxins in all ways possible.

The protocol for this cleanse is pretty intense.
It involves many things throughout the day and I feel blessed to have the time, space and the opportunity to do it. Who would have thought that being diagnosed with a tumour would be such a catalyst for change!

I am doing the cleanse as part of a group of people from all over the world, each at their own home.  We get coaching and support from a wonderful trainer that works for Dr. Robert Young in the US.

One of the things that really helped me to physically and mentally prepare for the cleanse was that I planned it for quite some time now and I psyched myself up for it.

I was super organised and made all the preparation needed to make it happen.

This included putting up an ad in our local health shops, looking for someone to volunteer a bit of time to help me with food preparation, as my pain still prevents me from being fully functioning in the kitchen.

The response from the community around here has been amazing. I am still getting phone calls from people wanting to help!
 It left me feeling (yet again!) humble and in awe of the kindness and compassion of the human spirit.

Dave is also a huge source of support, as we both have been transitioning to the alkaline lifestyle together.

SO, It is now day 7 on the cleanse and going strong!

I have a real sense of commitment and enthusiasm and day by day I am feeling that this is the best gift I could give to myself.

The first few days went quite smoothly, no hunger at all and I was feeling excited and motivated.
I felt, though, like I am constantly on a mission to drink more and more (7 litres of liquid a day) and of course what goes in must come out....  I became a very frequent flyer at the toilet!

Then came the difficult days, day 4 and 5 with my pain increasing, a constant feeling of nausea, sleepless nights and generally feeling unwell.
I knew I will have days like these and that they can come at different times, but it was challenging nonetheless.

I kept reminding myself that this is all part of a healing crisis, where it gets worse before it gets better.

The acids that are stored in the tissues to protect vital organs are being pulled out to the blood and this is reflective in my urine having an all time low pH of 6 for two days in a row.
But not to worry, this is a good thing! It indicates change is happening.

Day 6 was so much better. I woke up super early (5 am), super inspired, had a long meditation session, then a morning of reflection.

Here is what I wrote in my journal on day 6:

Today is a time of introspection, of going within.
Looking outside the window, the morning has a mystical aspect to it, magical.
It has been raining all night and when the light of day arrives, the fog is rising above the forest floor like a cloud.
There is this glitter and cleanliness in the air.
Looking inside, seeing each breath as a birth, feeling the magic of life, of creation, of being.
It is warm and cosy inside and there is this inner knowing that I am, we all are, part of this magic.

I am feeling more and more, in the last few days, this concept of food becoming a non-craving, non-attachment. It creates more space for being in the present, not needing to invest so much mental time and energy thinking about the next meal or using food for comfort.

This is not to say I am not enjoying my food on the cleanse because I truly am!

A feast isn’t it? Green juice, fresh almond milk and creamy broccoli soup, YES please!

Here is what my typical day on the cleanse looks like (This is not a representation of the pH Miracle protocol)

·     Meditation
·     Deep breathing
·     Visualisation
·    Drinking at least 6 litres of water throughout the day- most of which mixed with green powder and liquid chlorophyll
·     Drinking at least 1 litre of fresh green juice daily
·    Taking supplements throughout the day: pHour  salts, liquid  mineral salts, pHlush powder, pH water drops and vitamin D
·     Journaling
·    Preparing and drinking raw smoothies and soups throughout the day, as well as eating tomato, cucumber and avocado.
·     Having a minimum of 4 avocados per day, either in soups & smoothies or by themselves.
·     Taking big amount of good oils (flex seed, omega 3-6-9, olive oil)
·      Documenting the pH of my urine and saliva throughout the day
·      Having Far infra red saunas once or twice a day
·      Walking
·      Relaxation
·      Reading
·      Guided imagery or contemplation- on some days
·       Restorative yoga- on some days.
    One week has passed, let many more follow!